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How to remove HUD in FarCry 2? + Something else.

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Making something. Also if possible can someone make or tell me how to make a custom cheat where you lose health but not die?

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No experience with farcry, but I have modded other games before, so I can give some hints.


You will need to find a way of accessing the game resources. Depending on the game they might already be extracted into folders or hidden inside large archives. Often communities make tools for getting into the latter.


Once there you'll need to hunt for images related to the hud. Edit them to be transparent. They could be in one of a variety of formats (TGA, DDS, etc) and will probably have obscure names. Order the images by size and start by looking at the smallest ones.


EDIT: Possibly some hints here https://www.moddb.com/mods/infamous-fusion/ . Search the web for 'custom hud farcry 2' and see what files other people have played with.

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