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Master Minds documentary

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April next year is the 10th anniversary of the first episode of Barney's Mind. As I said to Cyh, I thought a good way to celebrate the event would be to produce and release a documentary about the Master Minds and what they've been up to since. Cyh thought this was a good idea and gave me a few pointers to work with, and from there I've got a working plan of how I'm going to structure it.

I had already performed some preliminary research for such a project, and quite fortuitously besides trawling through a trove of Mind Series videos, podcasts and spinoffs, I discovered a number of interviews with the Minds by a YouTuber called Caboos15 that give some really interesting insight into the making of their series. I'm also planning to conduct some interviews of my own with some of the Minds (so far Corky64 is the only one I haven't been able to reach though I hear he's trying to get a job so it's probably best to let him be for now) and assuming there's no unforeseen delays it should be ready for release in time for the anniversary.

That said, I think it would be unwise not to try and have some kind of contingency in case of any of the aforementioned potential unforeseen delays interfering with my ability to complete the project. I think the best course of action with that in mind would be to turn it into a community project but I don't know if the community has the time or the interest in getting involved in this. So I thought I'd put the word out, see who gets back to me.

Well, you might say I'm losing focus, kind of drifting into the abstract...

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