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Ross's Game Dungeon - Apocalyptica

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Hi @danielsangeo! Couple of things I spotted during translation:

Word "way" is missing during 00:01:16,167 --> 00:01:21,600 timeline

"as" instead of "at" - 00:02:50,767 --> 00:02:53,516

Also I have some questions. Now that Ross have subtitles submitted to Youtube, shall I send them directly to him? And is it okay if I also send him the subs for many previous translations that still yet to be uploaded to youtube videos? What about the compendium, will it be updayed sometime in the future? Thanks.

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I'll get them fixed up and hopefully fixed on the YouTube video soon.


Thanks for the catch!  ❤️


And I'm so far behind on these, it's not even funny.  I'll see if I can get up-to-date on the subtitles soon.

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Ok, so I guess then I won't be troubling Ross with this stuff. The're really are piling up and I don't think many people visit forum, so obviously uploading them to Youtube videos would be much appreciated. Thanks again!

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