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Hidden & Dangerous 2

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Great game, made in Czech Republic, by the same guys that created mafia 1

Not one of the regular "Shoot as many nazi's as you can" games, it was more about stealth, disguises, suprise atacks etc.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSD0Kjq_8xQ That trailer is in-game

Even more, you dont only command 1 soldier, you command whole SAS squad, giving them orders and controling them. You will need some logic to play the game though...


H&D 3 will NEVER come out, thanks to the american "Rockstar games" that bought off the original czech company. Lot of people are still waiting for H&D 3 - the most expected non-american game ever, but they can allways play MAFIA 2 - the dissapointment of the year ( at least outside america)

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I never played the second H&D, but I played the shit out of the first one :)


Oh and Mafia 2 is far superior too Mafia 1 IMO.

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