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  1. Alaksandu


    I use to plat this a lot when it came out, I still have the hard box. It's not really like Diablo though. Some comparisons can be made for sure but I wouldn't call it a Diablo-clone per say. Great game though. I should have a go with it again soon. But currently I'm playing Westwoods other obscure classic the amazing Blade Runner game
  2. Alaksandu

    Hidden & Dangerous 2

    I never played the second H&D, but I played the shit out of the first one Oh and Mafia 2 is far superior too Mafia 1 IMO.
  3. Alaksandu

    Jade Empire

    Bought it too my xbox when it came out. I re-bought it again on gog a while back, since my xbox are no longer functional. But I haven't tried it on pc just yet.
  4. Alaksandu

    Armed and Delirious

    You were not the only one remembering this weird game
  5. Alaksandu

    Dark Reign

    I used to play this as a kid as well I think I'll give it a spin again in a near future. Thanks for reminding me about it
  6. Alaksandu

    Hellgate London

    I never played the game myself but I did enjoy this guys retrospective look at the game qCj5BoXSe4w
  7. Alaksandu

    What are you listening to?

    Tokkaebi - Om Geup Geup Yue Yul Ryoung Korean Death Metal. Not the best but kinda fun to have blasting in the background. Extra points for doing the vocals in korean though. jxJiEmK8oew

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