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  1. Lotus Prince would fit your criteria. He plays all sorts of games and offers some good commentary.
  2. Shitty people has always existed. The internet just make it seem worst than it is. There is only one solution and that's to ignore them and move on. Any other solution will only inhibit free speech. There is a lot of people out there that think you are toxic and want to silence you and will use anything to do it.
  3. Diablo 1 and to some extend, Diablo 2. Hard to run on current systems, stuck in low resolution, clunky tiled movement, really bad potion system. It was ok at the time because we didn't know better. Diablo 2 improved things but the potion system was still horrible and it's still stuck in low resolution.
  4. Boy do I have a lot of them. 1. Buggy hitboxes or timing. I dodge on time and still get hit? Nope. 2. Limited inventory space. Looking at you Diablo 2. 3. Death being something you can just shrug off, even expected. Lazy game design to make game "difficult" that throw you in an impossible situation. Also as to do with fairness of difficulty. 4. Consolitism. Such as: Camera smoothing, shoulder camera, FPS lock, no strafing, target lock, things being aimed in the direction of the character instead of the camera, crappy menus. 5. All the lazy game design from MMOs that passes as "content". Dailies, login rewards, kill/gather X quests, errand boy quests. 6. Pay to win. 7. PvP forced down my throat. It can never be balanced enough, it will hurt PvE, it will not compete with PvP only games. 8. Spam mechanics, especially random spam where you can just randomly get screwed and die. Looking at you Path of Exile. I know why they do this, they don't want you to just have a strategy that trivialize a boss. They want them to be always "hard" and scary.
  5. I would bitch about both 30 FPS lock or major stuttering. It's far from a minor inconvenience.
  6. Hyper Light Drifter. The devs started to modify their game to support 60 FPS, but only after a massive amount of complaints and saying that they hardly consider 60 fps to be necessary for gaming. This really boggle my mind. Do devs even play games these days? This game is an action game where you need good reaction time and good timing. They have to modify every instance in the code that assume 30 FPS. Locking it to 60 would have taken no additional effort so they simply hamstrung their game from ignorance and arrogance. Why not make it a variable that can be modified from the beginning? This is programming 101.
  7. 91% is not telling? Do you even understand how elections work? Hillary is one of the most disliked candidate ever and yet she's the nominee, you don't think money and related propaganda is related? It seems to me that nothing will change your mind at this point.
  8. http://www.mobygames.com/game/crystal-key Could that be it?
  9. The shoulder camera with the hilariously low field of view made me not play dead space games.
  10. I played that game as a kid along with my brother and father. It was a fun C&C clone. I think it got overshadowed by others like C&C, warcraft, starcraft, total annihilation and the like. One day my father broke the installation CD (yes CD-ROM, not DVD or bluray) when he put it in his briefcase, he snapped it in half when he closed it. We used to go to his workplace, where he would install some games on some of the computers and we would play in lan. The game is available on GOG.
  11. Lineage 1 and 2. Lineage 1 is still the most popular online game in Korea. I tried playing it and the movement was extremely clunky. I played Lineage 2 for a few months where I hit the grind wall. There are a few good elements in the game but in the end it's a very bare bone korean grinder. I don't understand how can the PvP be good when it's all based around stats, which is all based around how much you grind and how many friends you have. Also, point and click to move in a 3th person view game sucks. It's fine in top-down view like Diablo. There is a lot of game I don't really like but I can see why some people might like them. These 2 games really makes me scratch my head. Final Fantasy 10. Some people swear it's the best game to have ever graced the earth. I tried to play it back then and I couldn't get into it. The characters are incredibly dumb, I didn't like the religious/cult pilgrimage that was obviously bullshit, some of the story didn't make sense. I got really tired of random encounters. I think it's just getting the same treatment as FF7. It's the first FF game on the target console and is likely the first jrpg game played by many. Since it just got remastered for PC, I think it's time to dig up good old .
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