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The best "Mind" series over than FM?

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I've been a massive fan of Freeman's Mind and Ross Scott in general for a while now (as in, probably a decade now). I think the idea of Freeman's Mind has been done either okay-ish or terribly by other creators (not just doing a Half Life game, just any game with the idea in general, such as Doomguy's Mind). I was wondering what you guys would recommend as another well done Mind series?

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Well, here's my personal list:

Chell's Mind by CyhAnide, The Point Man's Mind by Triox45, Stark's Mind by Anion, Taggart's Journey by Blue15bomber, Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 by Centaur1um, Mind of Ryan by DravenMario, and possibly Shephard's Mind by Krimsin if you can ignore some of the dated jokes and uneven characterisation. Kane's Mind gets an honourable mention if only for the fact that it's still being made and the guy deserves brownie points for sticking to it, and if you're an absolute completionist and don't have too high standards then I guess Barney's Mind does too.

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