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Freeman's Mind - Episode 1 to 14

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Hello everyone! (please excuse my imperfect english)


As I've explained in my topic in the french subtitles subforum, I've made english subtitles for the episodes between 1 and 14 which didn't have them available. I would strongly suggest checking them as english isn't my native language, but I think they are a good start.


You can find them on this page ( http://dl.dropbox.com/u/741114/Sous-titres/Accursed%20Farms/index.html ) or in this .zip file.


I used parenthesis for the intercom in episode 1 and square brackets for the parts where I wasn't sure of my transcription.

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This is great. It's possible yours might be even better than some of the ones that overlap, though I believe all the wording is correct for the current "official" ones. I'll probably wait for someone to look over these and post any possible corrections. In general my policy on subtitles will be to let them sit here for other people to look at for a while and see if any revisions get made. After a certain length of time I'll go over them myself and put them on the site and Youtube.

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I know that you probably have spent much time transcribing these episodes. So I just wanted you to know that they are being used and translated. Only episode 1 for time being, but we're getting there.

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Subtitle workshop is being a pain in the ass, but I tried tu review subtitles for EP 2 and spotted a couple of typos: in subtitle #24 it's Windows, not window's and in 28 barney says ''Come on Gordon, you trying to get me into trouble?'' not troubles.


When I get back to my place I'll try from my computer because it seems impossible right now, everytime I try to go backwards with the video it just stops playing and the subtitles mess up...

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