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Z is an alright 2d strategy game in the vein of Red Alert but with a slight humoristic vein and the idea of "controlled zones" that you have to manage on the map, so it's kind of a hybrid between a RTS and Rampart. It's mostly for RTS die hards.

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It's a good game with very funny cut scenes. The gameplay is very hectic and fast, even if you basically micromanage only a couple of units. Tanks for example are a really strong unit and get build very rarely by factories which you have to take over. You can't decide what will be build everything gets build automatically. You have to rush to take over map areas where sometimes a factory or so is located which then builds units. If you take over an area shortly before a new tank is build you get it so that makes the game a bit more tactical. By the time of release it was one of the first if not the first RTS without fog of war, you can see what the enemy is doing from the start. You win a map if you kill the enemys base if I remember correctly, that can be done by just driving into it with a unit but it's heavily guarded so you normally can't rush into it.

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