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Significant Mac games ?

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Early in september there was an announcement that 32 bit applications would soon stop working on Mac OS because of an update. Recently an argument got me thinking about that announcement and thinking: Which Mac games are significant ?


I'm curious to hear what you all think counts as a significant Mac game ?


Maybe it's only significant to you, maybe it should be significant to a wider group of people. 

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I don't know Mac gaming much but I know of Marathon. Pretty much a predecessor to Halo, very inovative for it's time.
It has been released on other platforms than Mac however but I guess that won't help if all you got is Mac.

On that note, you can give Wine a try. From the little I gathered it did not run on new MacOS but they managed to put something together already. Either you can try making it work yourself or pay for the comercial CrossOver which has support for it and should be much easier to set up. Don't know if it also runs 32 bit games at this time but it looks like they are working on it.

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I know the original Black Ops had Mac support but that's probably it in terms of recency.


However there are some classic games that had Mac releases. The Dig, Stubbs the Zombie, Age of Empires II, The Movies and a few more.


But these days I haven't kept up with Mac gaming. Only reason I know those games is because they are in my collection. Physical Mac games are few and far in-between so I collect them if them are cheap.

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