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I just unlocked the third set of tracks in Polaris SnoCross

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When I saw a PC copy of this game at a thrift store a few years ago I decided to try it and see if I could make it further than Ross. I played the game on Linux using wine and it ran just fine. After playing the game off and on for 3 years I found out that it is possible to advance in this game but it is very hard. For reference I was once ranked in the top 2% of Forza 4 players, and even then I still used a lot of luck to win. What I found was that the game favors the green racer above all others. I won because I was able to crash that racer near the end of the finish in the first race and he finished last. Even when this happens the racer will still be in the front of the others in the next race. So I won the first race, he finished last. I came second in the 2nd race and he finished first. The third race I won and he came third. I came last in the last race but because of how the AI favors the green racer I was able to win the tournament by 2 points. I tried recording footage of this but there was a glitch and the recording was ruined. I was able to get a screen shot of the final score table though.


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