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Do you think that gaming has become too mainstream?


I am young, but i remember a time when i was made fun of because i played halo all the time. Nowadays, the same people constantly obsess over how many kills they got in their last CoD game.


Even women are jumping on the gaming bandwagon. With ipods supporting Apps, female gaming has increased dramatically.


The major problem i have is the fact that this new generation of "gamers" do not play the game, they win the game. They play till its done and move on; and they do so in the most efficient manner possible. Today's favorite game is tomorrows trash.


Secondly, this new generation seems to believe that games are only good if they have insanely realistic graphics. Yes, to a point, games rely on the visual aspect. However, they do not care enough about the game itself, as much as they do winning, enough to play a game with shoddy graphics.


So what do you think?

Have i made too many generalizations? Do you believe we should embrace the "Locust" form of gaming? Or do you wish only the people that truly have a passion for games played? Should apps even be considered games?


What genre of games do you think have been left untouched if any?

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In my opinion, gaming has been more or less mainstream since the Atari days as far as I'm concerned and even more so in 1985 and into the 90's. I don't think there has ever been a point where gaming has been considered underground since then, so what you mean about that, I am not really sure. I think all in all it depends greatly on where you are from and the culture of the place you live in. Some places gaming is considered a nerd thing and in some places it's totally acceptable, even for girls.

Speaking of which, I think it's a good thing that females embrace gaming. I think it removes the "male only" stigma that gaming culture as a whole has gotten. I would also like to see more games designed by females as well. I'm kind of tired that game design so far seems to be a male thing.

Otherwise, I personally don't think any new Tetris, Super Mario or Doom are being made. I think games nowadays focus more on a narrative story and using the game as a vehicle for the story rather than making games for the sake of innovative gameplay. Therefore, the visuals become increasingly important to better tell the story, because the more realistic visuals, the better they immerse the player into the story and the game's action, so I think the trend has changed to more innovative visuals, evident with the advent of HD graphics, motion controls and even 3D, all of which are tools to increase immersion but not necessarily gameplay itself. I don't really think gaming has become TOO mainstream though, I mean, I would rather say we have different kinds of gamers with different types of games to appeal to those different gamers.

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My issue with current gamin tendencies is the following:


More and more people would like to play games, but most of them are unwilling to be hardcore gamers, the just want to have quick fun. Low input of energy for good entertainment via graphics, or easy winning. This has turned developers to casual games, which in my eyes are worthless. Ecnomically however thosa games pay well which are casuals, because these "low energy" casual put their money on such games, play it, get bores, and buy the next boring game. This in my opinion is said. I really prefer games, which have plenty to offer for the player, with an extremely long gameplay. (Which may came from online gaming, like CS, TF, or quaility single player replaing experience, like some management games.)


Still I have to admit, that the growth in the number of computer game players, brought many good for the hardcore gamers as well. However if future deveplopers will tend to turn to casual gamin, that will be a problem for the people who like really good games.

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I am young, but i remember a time when i was made fun of because i played halo all the time.


Wait are you serious? That's very popular along new generation gamers who just want quick multiplayer.


Don't you think along the more quality games "competing" with halo are half-life, cs, deus ex, battlefield even Unreal series... I always thought people who play halo never played any of these games seriously.


Well, it's not up to me to judge though

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Today's favorite game is tomorrows trash.

You know how you beg your parents to get you that cool new smartphone, and 2weeks later you even forget you have it? You can compare it to that, it's just the way the majority of children/teenagers work.

And the majority of people that play such mainstream games like call of duty are young.


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I tend to replay games I really like, even if they might not have much replay value.

Same... Like Tribes 2 VS bots only...

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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Some types of gaming are mainstream... Others are not. Dev's will continue to market towards the hardcore gaming scene because they know that that is were the loyalty is, all companies know that the key to sucess is customer loyalty. Their fanbase becomes their advertisers, they become the people who go out and buy $100.00 figurines. Casual gaming can bring in cash but good dev's rely on hardcore gamers to fuel them.

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