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Freeman's Mind - Episode 30

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Hey everyone,


I've finished transcribing FM episode 30 in english so I started working on a french translation right away. I've got it pretty much done, except for a few things I'm not too sure about.


I haven't got much time to get on with the details now, so I'll post letter to get some help from you people.


Here it is anyway.




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Nice subtitles! Some remarks:

- This is quite trivial, but you never put spaces before exclamation and interrogation marks ("!" and "?"), when they are mandatory in written french (Wikipedia article about it).

- You didn't translate the military gibberish on radio. You can find a transcription here : http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/43362-half-life/faqs/29847

- At 00:05:27,112, the english line is (I believe) :

If somebody's grandma has called and puts on a camo blanket, she's dead.

which would translate to

Si la grand-mère de quelqu'un appelle et met une couverture de camouflage, elle est morte.


I've also spotted some grammatical errors, I'll try to list them all tomorrow.

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16 - C'est ça. C'est sûrement que le service fait ses barbecues

35 - mais c'est plutôt que quelqu'un d'autre n'en était pas un.

68 - Bah, quoi qu'il y ait derrière cette porte ne vaut pas le coup.

177 - J'aurais vraiment penser à ça plus tôt.

187 - Les gens disent qu'il faut jouer avec les cartes qu'on t'a données dans la vie.


There you are

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