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  1. Well, I'm in financial trouble these days so I won't be giving any money this time (I did donate previously though) but it's nice to see Ross getting some recognition through all this. $8000+ is a really nice sum and no one can say it's not deserved. Well done everyone!
  2. Hey Ross, Nice new series there, I'm really enjoying these. That said, I have some nitpicking to do regarding your abandonware rant (I love your rants btw). I like abandonware as much as the next 30 something nerdy guy who grow up trading bootleg game floppies after school, and I do think it's only fair game to get less than legal copies of games that are not being sold anymore. But as for IP, as moribund as Atari is, they were (up until recently) releasing new Test Drive games, the last one of which is Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011). There have been rumors about a TDU3 but Atari has bitten the dust yet again since, then they unsuccesfully tried to sell the IP. I realize you probably know that, and while technically they are not selling TD3 in any way, the IP is stil pretty much alive. Well, at least, not dead yet. Still, I support you getting those forgotten nuggets (or snappinng turtles) and bring them before us by any means necessary. No harm done to anyone, and more importantly you keep that part of game history alive. Keep it up.
  3. trankzen


    First thing (after unplugging the damn thing), then take it apart and allow each part to dry individually. Have some sort of dessicant near if you can (silica gel bags are a must but I hear rice in boil-in-bags can work). Also Dry the motherboard upside down so droplets don't get stuck into PCIE ports or whatever. I'd advise against using an hairdryer, as I fear it could have an adverse effect on some solder points. Just leave it drying long enough in a dry enough atmosphere. Prior to putting it back together look closely for any sign of corrosion on the circuit boards. Use a magnifier if you want. There's a layer of varnish on the boards so most of it should be OK, but make sure exposed parts are ok. Then put I back together one part at a time if you want to be extra careful. First Mobo+CPU+RAM, then GPU and other expansion cards. You can also test the ATX PSU individually using the well known paperclip trick (look it up!) This has been a minor spill so I recon things should be A-OK with proper drying. Oh one last thing. Next time, drink from a plastic bottle and always screw the cap back on
  4. Please, please don't ever switch, Ross. Guys from BMS chose to go with reaaaaaaally over the top voices for HECU grunts, and from what I could hear, it doesn't work. I don't mean they're not talented people (quite the opposite, top notch voice acting from what I could hear) but they made grunts sound awful. I feel it wouldn't work too well with your own voice.
  5. Ah, I so wish I could come and shake hands with mind behind "The Mind" but the Atlantic Ocean just won't let me. Anyway, I hope you do actually find 1300 rabid fans waiting for you on that parking lot on saturday morning.
  6. trankzen


    Ah the joys of tax forms. I feel your pain a bit: I got a divorce in 2010 and I had to fill 3 separate forms that year, not fully understanding how much I should write down in each of them. But in the end it was worth it since the equivalent of the IRS in my country actually ended up refunding me for 2 years in a row. Also, donations amount strike me as really low, but I can't say I donated myself. Now I know you didn't post this to make us feel guilty about this, but if you hadn't I'd probably wouldn't have even considered to do it. I'll gladly donate now. In fact scratch that I'll gladly pay for all the hours of entertainment you've given us so far. Cheers!
  7. Hey there, No noticeable stuttering with mkv nor mp4, using VLC 1.1.19 in windowed mode on a Vista64 rig (i7 920 / 6GB RAM) I do get some lag at the waterfall part in fullscreen mode (although dual screen + 2560*1600 main resolution might not help), but mkv and mp4 come out pretty much equal here.
  8. Hey everyone, I've finished transcribing FM episode 30 in english so I started working on a french translation right away. I've got it pretty much done, except for a few things I'm not too sure about. I haven't got much time to get on with the details now, so I'll post letter to get some help from you people. Here it is anyway. Thanks, tkz
  9. Okay so Ep 30 is covered. A WIP it is no more. I've updated the first post and posted the tentative final version for reviewing. Cheers, tkz.
  10. Hey thanks for those suggestions, I'll be looking into that. In the meantime I could do some more work tonight, so I updated the first post.
  11. cwook: Ah thanks a bunch, I really didn't got that right! Ross: Stupid french technology Okay I'll use something else to check before releasing. Any suggestion for a player with decent subtitle support? MPC? Bs Player maybe? Thanks. tkz
  12. Hey there, Tonight I've been busy subbing Ep 30, in order to translate it in French. It is more painstaking than I anticipated, so right now I only have less than 2 minutes done. Anyway, here it is. I'll keep this post updated with new material as it comes. Feel free to comment what you see. Note: Whereas syncing seemed OK in Subtitle Edit 3.1, when I checked with VLC, I found the beginning to be quite a bit off. What do you think? EDIT 1 ****************************************** Okay, so here are another 2 minutes or so. Thanks to Subtitle Edit's waveform view, the pace has picked up a bit, although I didn't work too long tonight. There are some phrases I'm pretty sure are correct, though not 100% sure, so if you see something wrong, I'd be glad to know. Plus there is this line at 3:56 which I don't fully get. The verb is obscure to me. Il anybody could help, it'd be great! It goes a little something like this: One of those shots [???] a shade off my collar! EDIT 2 ****************************************** Some more work done tonight, I now have 2 more minutes ready for you. 2 minutes per night seems to be my cruise speed for now. Anyway, I corrected some minor stuff I did not hear right on the first pass, and solved my previous verb problem with the help of cwook and Ross (thanks guys) I you spot anything phony, just let me know. EDIT 3 ****************************************** Well here is the completed version. I believe it is correct but it direly need peer reviewing, if you guys would be so kind. FYI, I will start on working on the french translation tomorrow. Thanks tkz
  13. You're doubly right, the srt i was referring to is by no means official -mistake on my part- and I too cannot clearly hear Ross saying "drink" during this line, so it might be different. Two things, though. The correct use of "boire" in the first person of the conditional tense (or should I say "mode"?) is "Je boirai" and not "Je buvrai", although it is my understanding that the latter is accepted in Belgium. Forgive me if I sound a bit curt here, I do not mean to. As for "bière forte" it doesn't feel natural, as you say. I think you could go with slang, since Freeman's rants make extensive use of it (alongside profanity). You could for instance try : "je boirai une 8.6" This is strong beer and that would give Freeman a bit of a thug stance, which seems to be part of the original text (looks like 40oz is a favorite with gangsta rappers) but we'd need Ross's input on that. Of course that's a brand, but seeing how it has become common in french street language (let alone french streets!) I don't see much of a problem here. I'll try to do more of this "constructive criticism" if you don't mind. In the meantime, maybe you could set up a separate thread for all of your subtitles, I reckon it'd make tracking comments way easier. Pleasure working with you. tkz
  14. Hey there, I wanted to say, this is a pretty impressive job you did with all those episodes. Granted, I didn't check the whole lot of it, but only the first one, as I made my own version (silly me, I didn't see your post before I got started). Anyway, about that first episode, here is a point I wanted to discuss. At 1:44 you put Whereas the official english sub says Now, I googled for "40oz." since I wasn't familiar with this idiom. Wikipedia has it that it refers to a 40 ounce bottle of Malt Liquor, something we europeans would refer to as extra strong beer. So I think you could change that line to keep the booze reference Ross had in mind. Seeing how Freeman's character develops throughout the series, it really makes sense for him to be talking about beer. Anyway hope that helps. Keep up the good work. tkz
  15. Hello, Another frenchman here. I'll just drop by to say I would gladly help you guys with translation and subbing (although I'm a bit of a newbie as regards the latter). Do you think it'd be more desirable to work on each episodes as a team, or let one person work alone on a single episode with constructive input from the others? I reckon the second solution would allow for faster output, but it would require to set up some kind of a spreadsheet to track who does what. In any event, I think it would be a nice idea to set up one thread per episode, so as to avoid confusions with comments. Looking forward to work with you guys. Thanks, tkz
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