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Portal 2 crashes at loading screne

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So, I was having fun playing Portal 2 and saved my game at chapter 4 and stopped playing for the day, all this time its was working just fine. After that, whenever I try to load a saved game, start a new game, or start a co-op game, portal 2 will crash at the loading screen after loading for about 7 seconds. The indicator at the top of the screen moves to about 5 o' clock before it crashes and about 2 circles at the bottom right fill in.


I have tried reinstalling Portal 2, that did nothing; and I also tried booting with all start up items disabled (via ms config) and that worked exactly once. Now I cant get it to work no matter what I try, it just keeps crashing at the loading screen.


If anyone could help me with this, I would be so thankful! I am trying to contact steam support, but they want me to re install windows and only install steam and portal 2. I cant do this because I play on my Mums work computer, so that option is out.

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What is the file system of the hard drive/partition that stores your Steam folder? You want it to be NTFS. If it is FAT32, try disable the in-game multi-threading. Although I have not bought or played Portal 2 I have read about this issue numerous times.

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