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Help making a Model material *SOLVED*

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So it's easy enough for me to take .TGA pictures and turn them into VTFs, but what I'm having a hard time with is the VMT.

For some reason which I do not know, VTFedit doesn't like this very much:



"$baseTexture" "models/motorcycle/motorcycle_cm"

"$envmap" "env_cubemap"

"basealphaenvmapmask" 1 //alpha channel of base texture is inverted specular

"envmapcontrast" 1 // reflection color multiplier

"$model" 1

"$surfaceprop" "metal"


Feel free to explain why when I try to open it in VTFedit, it gives me the warning "Error parsing material on line 9".



Turns out I was missing a quotation mark, which killed VTF parsing. Highlighted in red.

This is a nice metric server. No imperial dimensions, please.

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