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Limited Time Content in Games

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So many games have limited time events and "Battle Passes" many games have this and I'm not a big fan of it, I like collecting cosmetics and getting cool stuff, while most games limited time content is only cosmetic or a game mode, Doom Eternal has a battle pass system which is free but I don't understand why it can't just be available forever and have a system like Halo the Master Chief Collection (Which also has free a battle pass system) where you can choose where to progress and the battle passes are not limited time, it feels like these live service games want all of your time!




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They want all your time and money. Live services are a job where you pay the company. It's that or grind countless of hours, with the promise of free DLC/Updates for 10+ years. If a game is great, it wouldn't need constant DLC/Updates, it wouldn't need roadmaps, roadmaps for those roadmaps, Lootboxes, micro/macrotransactions, battle passes, etc. etc. They're all carbon copies of one another.


"We don't call them loot boxes", they're 'surprise mechanics'" - EA


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It's a sad state of affairs when MW2019 of all the games is actually doing best about microtransactions and limited time content especially when put up against other Activision/Blizzard games. WoW has been horrible with that in recent years to the point where they're practically throwing away good content now to incentivize players to continue their sub and pay more for MTX, whereas in MW2019 I got the new battlepass completely free and have earned enough cod points to pay for the next one as well just through basic gameplay, plus all the MTX are purely cosmetic and don't affect actual character or weapon progression whatsoever, AND theoretically also earnable purely through gameplay.


Before MW2019 came out I would've said BO2 was the last game to separate in-game progression from MTX, but even back then you had to pay for certain camos whereas it feels totally separated in MW2019.

the name's riley

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