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  1. I think you should post this on r/accursedfarms so more people see it
  2. I simply cannot fathom why someone could like this game
  3. Yeah I'd like to see it, but I am not sure if Ross has enough time to make it into a constant series.
  4. Someone named punished_python uploaded this amazing image
  5. It is pretty active so you can join it here: https://discord.com/invite/SfGRtE8RTg Feel free to discuss the discord in this thread.
  6. I wish a Happy Halloween to everyone reading this comment
  7. Next video: Ross's Cookie Dungeon
  8. No Man's Sky is great for MMO stories, its also a good road-trip game, you do have play a quite bit to be able to travel freely though (or have a friend to help you out), I visited the Galactic Hub and still wanna visit Cafe 42 for some space coffee. The expedition events are literally a space road-trip with other players too.
  9. Apparently he/his friend was walking and accidently stepped on it, but I think one of them just wanted to know what pigeon pie tastes like.
  10. This game could get "best story written by a 6 year old" award but it can make you feel emotional and isn't what you'd expect.
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