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  1. I wish a Happy Halloween to everyone reading this comment
  2. Next video: Ross's Cookie Dungeon
  3. No Man's Sky is great for MMO stories, its also a good road-trip game, you do have play a quite bit to be able to travel freely though (or have a friend to help you out), I visited the Galactic Hub and still wanna visit Cafe 42 for some space coffee. The expedition events are literally a space road-trip with other players too.
  4. Apparently he/his friend was walking and accidently stepped on it, but I think one of them just wanted to know what pigeon pie tastes like.
  5. This game could get "best story written by a 6 year old" award but it can make you feel emotional and isn't what you'd expect.
  6. Oh the demo for Clam man 2 is out and both have good reviews.
  7. I thought the Sci-Fi game with a great soundtrack was gonna be Halo, I know it is not niche and quite mainstream but I thought you where gonna talk about XCloud and streaming services and the 'secret weapon'. But it is nice t o see a more niche shooter get the spotlight.
  8. Even though I am not a survival fan, I stuck around for the story and atmosphere. The gameplay felt a little clunky but overall it is one of my Favourite Indie games.
  9. So many games have limited time events and "Battle Passes" many games have this and I'm not a big fan of it, I like collecting cosmetics and getting cool stuff, while most games limited time content is only cosmetic or a game mode, Doom Eternal has a battle pass system which is free but I don't understand why it can't just be available forever and have a system like Halo the Master Chief Collection (Which also has free a battle pass system) where you can choose where to progress and the battle passes are not limited time, it feels like these live service games want all of your time!
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