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Hellgate London 2038 (For those interested in playing)

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It's in open beta now. You just need to "acquire" the original game (do not get the Steam version, it will not work). I'm not a big supporter of EA, and honestly, you either need to buy the disc (which probably won't support EA/That weird Chinese company I can't spell, anyway) used and hope they include the manual w/ the key, or still find a key on a forum etc. I'm also going to guess that many people do not have disc drives anymore (in my case, because I own the original disc). If you can get the OG files you will be able to play the 2038 version for free after signing up on their site. I won't link it because idk how the forum rules work for links but you can google, Hellgate London 2038 etc, and it'll be easy to find. They have a guide on how to set up the private server and then you are gtg for online multiplayer, since the steam version lacks that feature anyway. Enjoy, if you want to play.

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