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Sanctuary RPG

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Hi, first time posting here! I wanted to share a soundtrack I can't stop thinking about; it was released by the publisher for free and doesn't seem to get much attention.

Sanctuary RPG has a nice style and moves fast for a turn-based game. It's probably a much longer game than it needs to be, but I'm kind of happy about that, because the game has a lot of music and the soundtrack is consistently great. There's also a piano collection available on Steam, which has good arrangements of some of the tracks--no sheet music, though.




Below are some of my favorite tracks, but I think all of them are worth checking out. Some of these tracks are more electronic, some are more acoustic, and they cover a lot of different styles.


Sanctuary Arp II (Title Screen) (Track 1)
One of many tracks that starts simple but keeps trying new things. Some of these pieces have different instrumentations on the second loop. This one reminds me of Clocktowers Beneath the Sea from A Hat In Time.


The Hook is Unreal (Track 5)
I like the mix of slow mysterious music and exciting dance music. This track feels like it's somewhere in the middle. Even though I wasn't a fan of the writing in this game, the style really got into my head.


Battle! A ~Wave Fist Sparring~ (Track 12)
The melody sounds kind of familiar but I can't place it. This game has a LOT of battle themes--the ten "Battle!" tracks are just the beginning--so it's fun to see which one you'll get in each encounter. Stroboscopic Combo (Track 16), Dead by UNKNOWN (Track 26), and Brute is Life (Track 27) are my other favorites.


Solfiria Act Boss (Track 18)
It starts with the same notes as the miniboss theme (Track 2), and then it just keeps getting bigger. I love the bitcrushed(?) choir with the crazy percussion, the irreverent instrumental part, and how each section slowly moves from electronic to orchestral.


Mecha City (Tracks 20, 30, 37, 38, 42, 43)
This one really grew on me over the course of six tracks. Each track totally reimagines the same piece, and they work so well together it's hard to tell which one is my favorite.


Earth World (Track 33)
One of the weirder tracks. It's hard to tell where this piece is going--what's an "earth world" supposed to sound like anyway? I like the combination of gamelan and electronic instruments (also check out Nagaraja from Stone Story RPG, by the same composer).


Water World (Track 40)
Yet another track that sounds completely different from all the others. It's much more calm and flowing, but still a little weird.


Light World (Track 62)
Kind of harsh at first, but this track gets better and better as the melody breaks out. I love how a camera flash is used as an instrument; it really shows what the "light world" is supposed to look like.


The Matron End Boss (Track 63)
The "boss fight" jingle (Tracks 2 and 18) isn't very intimidating, but this piece finds a way to update it. This is what you'd expect from a final boss theme, but I especially like the frantic beat and all the weird voice modulations.

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