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Thoughts on Human Revolution's yellow tinting (and all tinting in general)

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I was watching the Battle Forge episode where Ross goes into talking about how the Need for Speed games also have tinting for no reason.


Well, in the Human Revolution video Ross mentioned that it's not merely a tint over the whole screen, they seem to have also added other layers of yellow tinting to the game; such as a tint to the game's asset itself.


My theory on why they do this is so that no one can easily rip out the assets, and repurpose them. There'd be extra work needed to get it to work, and whoever did it could get caught, and open up a free money supply, on legal grounds,  for the company who made the tinted game assets.


I think it might be this simple.


I anticipate someone will ask why they'd bother adding a yellow fog or tint to the level if it doesn't show up when the assets would be ripped from the game and reused, and the answer is simply obfuscation. As can be seen in the Human Revolution video, Ross is even confused as to what they did, and the mods couldn't even properly correct it. Some of these obfuscation techniques aren't good at all, but given the internal politics of software development and corporatism, it was probably done for the managers who think if they're confused, so is everyone else. It doesn't have to make perfect sense, in fact, it probably never would; especially in today's corporate world.



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My thoughts are that it was intentionally made that way to represent a flaw in the color processing of the eye implants. Or possibly a minor colorblindness of the main character.

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