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I liked Moon Gaming!! however..

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I liked Moon Gaming, however something I wish Ross could do better is weave in more of the themes for the episodes. I mentioned this in a previous post I made about the holiday episodes. When I'm watching the Halloween or Christmas episodes I lose track that it's a Halloween or Christmas episode. I suggested adding some of the respective holiday's sound effects or decoration to the video; like sleigh bells for Christmas or those same old songs you're sick of, Ross - DO IT FOR THE FANS!!! Or pumpkins for halloween, you can't go wrong with those. And since you said you're trying to do the thing where you want the show to look like something that would be on at 2am, I think you should reach back into some of the stuff on TV during these holiday seasons; I know they had some good stuff, and you can synergize with nostalgia (I know you're not big on that, but it's a passive benefit).  Back on Moon Gaming, add in some more of the interruptions that have to do with you being on the moon (if you did bring back the series) or give us some UFO sound effects for the aliens stopping by to get their laundry from your moon  base's industrial dryer - don't even show the alien in the shot, just the sound effects and maybe a casual interruption that gives just enough to know that the alien pulled up in their UFO, parked, came through the airlock doors, opened a totally run of the mill sounding dryer door and went back out with the UFO sound leaving the base as you proceed the gaming session. It's making me chuckle a bit just thinking about it.


Anyways, I think a big improvement would be to keep present in the mind of the viewer the theme of the episode, if there is one

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