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Windows GUI of the future

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This is something i have accomplished using some software for windows 10, i think its a step in the right direction for any windows user that hates the usual look of the windows GUIye.thumb.gif.29f6a49f35a80dad5a1e842621424bd1.gifYe2.thumb.gif.e277e0bc0743248592874c709db6bd03.gif

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The software that allows the roll out windows is "Fences", it also allows to have multiple desktop layouts, i use middle click to scroll to the right to show a permanent file browser that never has to be reopened or closed. It is very compact and FAST which is the point of this. The file browser is a set of "file portals" that Fences comes with.


The software that allows the clock, system and DISK  measurement is "Rainmeter", there are thousands of "skins" available which are pretty much custom modules like even a file explorer or overclocker that is always on your desktop.


In the first gif I am using strokePlus at the end to open google but I don't use It anymore because It breaks my system and I cant use right click to show options.


The purpose of this whole thing is to make Windows faster and since I made my desktop like this I stopped feeling like Its a chore to work on windows. I will update this thread if I come up with anything new.


Edit: I don't use the file explorer on the second desktop as my main file explorer, it is only to move things around when I download something new, I use Directory Opus as my main file explorer which is way superior than windows default.

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