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Thank you Ross, thank you

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Hey Ross, I want to thank you. You change my view about video games and even some life directions.

Before I was hype eating retard and considered old games as outdated garbage. But now I bought some on GOG, played through and really enjoyed them, even thou some of these games didn't have widescreen support, required some extra patches and stuff. I also begun reading manuals and looking for interesting stuff in games. Like in your track mania episode, where you stupid brain looked for purpose for those racing matches.

Also at first I was very angry when you asshole didn't release a single game grot episode in 5 month, but in this time I discovered tons of other cool youtube channels like GrimBeard (this guy also mentions you). And you said that next game chamber episodes will be better - hope so.

So, thank you Ross. Keep up the good work you ass.

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