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Get Medieval (Schwarzenegger in a Gauntlet clone: perfection)

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Developed by the same software house behind Blood, Shogo, F.E.A.R. (among others), Get Medieval is a Gauntlet-clone from '98. It didn't gain a lot of popularity back then, nor a cult following... Which, in my opinion, is a real shame considering how hilarious it is. I've already emailed Ross suggesting it, but since he's a very busy man and we may never see this game on his channel because, well, we all know the list of weird games is a long one - - then you can still experience it by yourself (in fact, it's abandonware. I know that's just a meme word but really; nobody will bat an eye if you download it for free, somewhere around the internet. It's not sold anymore - if you don't take into consideration the scalpers, which you should avoid anyway).  All this tripe aside, here's the best intro ever made in human history and a gameplay with the barbarian.


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