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Subtitles on top of subtitles

Colour Clashing Subtitle Strategies  

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  1. 1. When showing subtitles over white-on-black in-game text, we should...

    • Subtitle Ross's voice in a different colour throughout the video.
    • Subtitle Ross's voice in a different colour, but only during in-game subtitles.
    • Reposition Ross's subtitles away from the bottom of the screen during in-game subtitles.
    • Not worry about it; it's not that big a deal, and viewers can reposition or change colour themselves if they feel the need.

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Greetings everyone. I'm finishing up the Mage Knight Apocalypse subtitles and would like your input.


At several points, the video subtitles are displayed over the in-game subtitles. At default settings, that means displaying white-on-black text on top of white-on-black text. I find this confusing and hard to read, and I'd like your thoughts on solutions. I'm proposing several in a poll, feel free to suggest more below.

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Usually few confuse YouTube formatted white subtitles on a black background to white in game subtitles (different font, size, etc.). The primary concern is covering vital on-screen text/information, in which case positioning is your best option. In the rare event the font, color, and position of the game subtitles all match those of YouTube's to the point of confusion, positioning will fix that as well. Therefore, I recommend using the WebVTT format.

Few formats allow positioning, and after extensive testing, VTT is the best option. Specifying its position will transfer to YouTube, but it will NOT preserve color. Markups remain so you can italicize unsubtitled NPC speakers or something (or use left-right screen placement). I suggest testing it out on YouTube before publishing the final version.
SMIs and SRTs do not allow for positioning, and having both color and positioning requires very specific formats with complicated markups. So, you have to decide which format is best suited to your needs. Lots of text on screen that may be obscured? Positioned VTT. Lots of different speakers that aren't visually obvious? Colorized SMI. Both? It's possible, but it takes a not insignificant amount of time to format correctly. If you can't compromise and really need both, I can offer my assistance.

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