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short episode series from machinima in the source engine

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Hello community, I come to publish this topic because I am creating some types of shorts
of different half life mods making a machinima, and this will be created based on the source engine and GoldSrc, I am a big fan of the saga created by Ross Scott (freeman's mind), and all the time I watched the series and restarted it Because I had just finished watching all the episodes of season 1 and 2, and I asked myself -Will I be able to do a Mind Project with the quality of the Freeman's Mind videos?-, Of course we are going to focus on something important. The SOURCE ENGINE Why did it go public?
June 7, 2004:
Valve would show the public the new engine that they had developed for the next games that would go on sale that year (Half life 2, Half life source, Counter-Strike source, Kuma/War, etc), they had shown the new innovation that they would add to it to future games of that company, and obviously the whole public would be eager to see the continuation of the path of the protagonist (Gordon Freeman)
in the Half Life universe, and the 6-year wait since half life came out on November 19, 1998. The source engine It has a series of varied commands when activating the console that can be used both for fun and to make tutorials, machinimas and more , which is why it is the ideal engine to create stories from the games themselves, in another case, if it is a story created by yourself and you want to acquire random objects and characters, the recommended thing to do that in a machinima is Garry's Mod, but If you want to recreate the story of the protagonist of the game, it is better to recreate it with realistic mechanisms and thoughts that people in real life would think.


Motion Blur, Scripts and modifications:
As Ross said in one of his videos that explained expanding the resolution in the show (Help Make Freeman's Mind HD!) he explains how motion blur works,
Although Ross uses a program to put the blur in the frames, it is likely that he uses srcdemo2 or MVTools, I'm going more for the MVTools option, although I will test the motion blur in each program, this programming is a bit complicated for me, but nothing like learning to use it well and there would be the series of short mods from the source engine. then the animation of holstering a weapon in the game, although in the first season of Freeman's mind the animations of holstering a weapon were created by VEDAD1944, I don't know if in season 2 the animations of holstering were created by VEDAD1944 or by ross , let me start learning how to make the animations to holster the weapons of each mod, it will be complicated but everything is possible.


For a while I'm going to decide not to use my voice for projects created by me, the most I would do would be to download a loquendo voice and edit it in an audio editor
(for example as a combine)
don't hate me, I don't want to use my voice for my projects


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Freeman's Mind? Ross Scott?
What's that- sounds interesting. 😛

No, but I wish you luck.
I hope that you use this thread to track your progress.

"Fleet Intelligence Coming Online"

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