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Why... is her ear fire?


Because she walks in house wounded.



So it has nothing to do with her being anger?


...and nice sometimes. :(

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This is the stupidest fuck thing ever.


I burst out laughing at the last sentence in the reply.

There's a whole series of pictures like that on DA, where Rainbow Dash stands up to Nazi tanks or helps set up an American flag on German soil. I'd be genuinely offended if I didn't think it was as hilariously retarded as I do.

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This is the stupidest fuck thing ever.

That image is old, but it gets me every time.


Alright, seeing as it's October, Halloween avatars are in order, I need a good Rainbow Dash one.


Use G3 Rainbow Dash

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*strange figure stands over the body of Felix whooves.*

"Well that could have gone better.

Luckily the stars are in line for the spell"


"For this who sleeps in stone and clay,

Heed my call rise and obey,

Drag in to the mortal door,

Assemble flesh and walk once more!"

*strange figure fucks off*


*whooves awakens*


"Wh... What happened. Did. Did I die?"

*felix starts laughing*

"I remember all of it. Life death and that place."

"Yet one thing is for shore. I'M BACK!"

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What's the point in making a sand dick if you can't suck it?

Also, what's the point in having an MLP thread if the topic is sucking dicks?

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Alrighty then, I'll just leave this here.






Ooh, are we planning on killing Whooves again?


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