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Looking for certain music tracks

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There's a couple of tracks that I assume to be public domain, as they've appeared on various shows.


Unknown Track 1: This track appears in three media I know of. It appears in The Spider-Man: The Movie game (The one that was released around the time of the film), in the level "Corralled". (Just look up "Spider-Man Corralled" on youtube) Another instance of it was in the Even Stevens Episode "Close Encounters of the Beans Kind". The last instances I've only heard of were said to be in South Park and some game called "Desperados".


Unknown Track 2: This track has appeared in one Movie and one show. Again, that I'm aware of, it could have appeared in more media. A couple of times in Darkwing Duck. The movie it appeared in was Bionicle: Mask of Light, when Takanuva and Makuta fall into the pit of Protodermis.


The tracks in question can be listened to easily as one can just put the names of episodes, game levels, and/or movies into youtube and watch. Since I have at least one pinpoint example for both tracks. (For example, people upload the Mask of Light movie, and all one would need to do is watch the last or second to last video of the movie)


If anyone knows the name of the tracks and/or has links to them (preferably youtube), it would be very much appreciated.

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