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Civil Protection - Halloween Safety and Morning Patrol

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All right!


Here I've got the subs for Halloween Safety and Morning Patrol. I know it was long time I did the last ones, but if there was one thing I didn't have, that was time. So two things:

- I am going to upload the first four subs again, because I've made several changes (ex. I forgot to translate the titles).

- Ross, I can't seem to download "Oil's Well" in 800x432, and "What is Machinima?" at all. (It'd be good if I could have the 800x432 ones, although in the end I know it doesn't matter...)

Thanks in advance. Until the problem is solved (anyhow), I'll start working on the Freeman's Mind episodes, when I have the time.


[attachment=1]halloween safety_HU.srt[/attachment] [attachment=0]morning patrol_HU.srt[/attachment]

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