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  1. All right! Here I've got the subs for Halloween Safety and Morning Patrol. I know it was long time I did the last ones, but if there was one thing I didn't have, that was time. So two things: - I am going to upload the first four subs again, because I've made several changes (ex. I forgot to translate the titles). - Ross, I can't seem to download "Oil's Well" in 800x432, and "What is Machinima?" at all. (It'd be good if I could have the 800x432 ones, although in the end I know it doesn't matter...) Thanks in advance. Until the problem is solved (anyhow), I'll start working on the Freeman's Mind episodes, when I have the time. [attachment=1]halloween safety_HU.srt[/attachment] [attachment=0]morning patrol_HU.srt[/attachment]
  2. Here's the next two!! Yeey... I will finish the civil protection ones and then start freeman's mind. [attachment=0]shadow of a doubt_HU.srt[/attachment] [attachment=1]on a rail_HU.srt[/attachment]
  3. Thanks, it's really good to hear that! I've uploaded the next to subs in another topic.
  4. Hogyhogy a régieket már megcsinálta valaki? Ki? És hol lehet megtalálni azokat? (Nem kételkedem, biztos igazad van, csak nem értem, miért nincs valahol fent.)
  5. Hi! With this post I'm uploading the hungarian subs for the Civil Protection episodes 1 and 2 (Friday and Aliens) but only for the downloadable versions (so not for the youtube ones which are +3 and +4 secs later ). I will continue making them, I already started the sub for episode 3 so they'll be coming! Helló magyarok! Töltsétek, vigyétek, nézzétek és mindenképpen javítsátok, ha hibát észleltek, mert vannak olyan angol szófordulatok, amire nem tudtam magyar megfelelőt találni, így szó szerinti fordítás lett, ami pedig nem mindig kifejező. Jön még! [attachment=0]friday_HU.srt[/attachment] [attachment=1]aliens_HU.srt[/attachment]
  6. I'm from Budapest, Hungary, in the middle east of Europe... I guess half the people never even heard abaout us, the other half despises us (or just the government) because of the media law so... hell yeah! I still love my country!
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