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This game with this little variety in gameplay and visuals had to have a stellar writing and voice acting to carry it. And the writing is... subpar and the voicework is uneven, though mostly good performances from the leads.

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It's a walking sim, but a very good one.

Lots to explore in an amazing looking cyberpunk world, plenty of side content of characters to meet, you even get to customize an apartment and interact with things.

But the best selling point for me is the first person mode. Whether it's walking or driving, you can experience it all in first person, and it feels like it was made for it, yet it was just a post-launch update!


Story exhausts its dialogue though, as you will have several moments of stopping your car before parking just to let the long dialogue finally finish, instead of cutting it off. And the car upgrades are sometimes useless, and it will get annoying to constantly stop for gas and repairs. You also don't have unlimited money, unless you exploit things with buying and selling items.

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Considering that AAA cyberpunk media and games is predominantly about style over substance, which is antithetical to the genre itself, Cloudpunk at least has that substance as well as style. It's really atmospheric, the characters are charming. I don't mind that it's a "walking sim". It has a story to tell and is definitely an experience. Plus the game has an expansion.

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