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  1. It's a bit long. I think the only proper way to experience it is be jailed in a solitary cell and only be allowed to play this game.
  2. I am only a few chapters in and while worldbuilding, level design and soundtrack are pretty good, direction is sorta mixed bag. HL2's default AI sucks smelly dicks, so Valve had to compensate by introducing setpieces and interesting set-ups for combat, while this game doesn't quite pull it off. Battles are nothing special, in short. Also, a bit too often levels are claustrophobic and/or dark. So rarely do you see sky in this game that it becomes a reward in itself. While one could argue that it was the intention, the string of tunnels, ruined apartments, corridors, etc becomes boring after a while. Still, it is a quality effort and level design together with worldbuilding carry the game. If you're hungry for some HL (like I was), it's a must play. Otherwise, you have my soft recommendation.
  3. Well, that could've gone better). I really thought we'd get 10 lvl50s for the raid.
  4. Man, it's been ages since I last played this game. I wonder if the African mission is any good. I am lvl 50, so could join a raid, but I forgot the phases, how to tank, etc...
  5. ENDLESS SPACE 2 Great space music from a 4x game. The entire soundtrack is just pure gold imo (hence, someone probably already recommended it to you), but be warned - the last composition has words emitted through a human mouth.
  6. 2Deus Ex. Not super polished or original, but unquantifiably "soulful"
  7. Very dark, humorous and enjoyable. I recommend using a walkthrough tho.
  8. Pretty good. The plot is great at keeping your attention at all times, but after finishing I was left with a somewhat empty feeling. It has so many elements, but kinda ends up being about nothing. And there's a sequel bait. Overall, time well spent.
  9. Pretty great overall. While playing I always felt like I wanted more and didn't skip any optional content.
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