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  1. ENDLESS SPACE 2 Great space music from a 4x game. The entire soundtrack is just pure gold imo (hence, someone probably already recommended it to you), but be warned - the last composition has words emitted through a human mouth.
  2. 2Deus Ex. Not super polished or original, but unquantifiably "soulful"
  3. Very dark, humorous and enjoyable. I recommend using a walkthrough tho.
  4. crippling addiction Fantastic
  5. Pretty good. The plot is great at keeping your attention at all times, but after finishing I was left with a somewhat empty feeling. It has so many elements, but kinda ends up being about nothing. And there's a sequel bait. Overall, time well spent.
  6. Pretty great overall. While playing I always felt like I wanted more and didn't skip any optional content.
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