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I personally didn't like it, I feel like the timers are too tight, and it just made the game too stressful for me.

This game is very picky, as it expects itself to be played in a very specific way, which I really hated, it completely took me out of the game.


I would understand if you could end the day yourself, but the fact that there's a timer going down, didn't help at all.

You also need to figure out, what the correct objects are, in order to defend yourself from the gimmick the game throws at you, on the first level. If you get it wrong, and if you are unlucky enough to get yourself soft locked, you pretty much have to start the whole game all over again. I thought it was really arbitrary as a whole.


I thought this was a really bad game, are all old school adventure games like this? There was too much trial and error bullshit for me, and the logic was just too outlandish most of the time

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I appreciate the experiment that this game try to do in the graphic adventure genre... but i agree whit RaTcHeT302 about the timer and much trial and error... i really want to like this game but can't

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