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Was not expecting this one to appear here! This is a blast from the past for me, played it a lot on my dad's win98.


If Ross likes to explore I think he's going to find this one at least a little interesting.

The game's environments always gave me kind of an eerie vibe, similar to how Ross described the maps in Polaris Snocross, but this game is far more generous in letting you off the track. I remember many times I ignored the race in favor of driving into small villages, barns, woodcutting areas, etc. The eerie atmosphere is accentuated during nighttime when you can barely see anything without the car lights.

Also remember playing this in splitscreen with a friend in the same keyboard, those were the days.


Can't believe I completely forgot about this game, didn't even knew it was abadonware .

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Great game, I played it a lot as a kid. I loved how long some stages were and different weather conditions. You definitely need to use dgVoodoo to make it run properly and also don't forget to cap it at 60 fps, otherwise it will crash randomly.

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