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Hard pass. Just play Dark souls 1 again

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On 8/31/2020 at 11:35 AM, RaTcHeT302 said:

heh, really? i'd never skip on a game just cuz it looks like another game, i think that's a stupid reason, unless ur just tired of the genre but idk


i mean i still want to check this game out, but the constant "it's not Dark Souls" comparisons are getting a bit old, i mean, jeez guys, i guess all third person games, where ur dude attacks slowly, are Dark Souls clones now huh xD


it's like the whole, "it's a call of duty clone" thing all over again, i swear do ppl not have some more original criticism beyond, IT LOOKS SIMILAR TO THIS OTHER THING I PLAYED, WHICH USES COMMON ELEMENTS USED BY OTHER GAMES WHICH JUST HAPPEND TO SHARE THE SAME GENRE


it's just a lame excuse to me lol, ppl are too loyal to what amounts to a stupid game anyway, JUST PLAY EVERYTHING GUYS LOL


jeez, is this dark souls too?



i'm just bored of seeing this lazy argument used everywhere, "JUST PLAY X", "IT LOOKS LIKE X, X IS BETTER, PLAY THAT INSTEAD"

no that's... lame lol


hey for all i know, this game might be BETTER than Dark Souls, or hell, maybe there are people who hate Dark Souls but would love this game as a replacement instead, it's the game for people who HATE Dark Souls, so why dismiss it just like this? it's an option people have, plus games are a ton of hard work, dismissing it just cuz it looks similar to another game is just... dumb


i understand if the game is boring but jeez, this is the laziest excuse to skip on a game in my own mind


A lot of Souls like games are good. This one isn't. It isn't just the genre, most things in it are like dark souls with few changes. And most other souls like games are better than this one.

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