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  1. bad game. still uses the old engine and runs like car with no suspension on bumpy road. Jet pack is better now, but you are back to lvl 1 again because you are.grenades are still good but you can't buy as many now and are more expensive you now you can't spam them... and didn't even bother crafting them
  2. It tries to be blood but it fails. Mechanics are just rough. Enemies not satisfying to kill. Graphics too blurry.
  3. Actual good old school fps. Played the demo before the market was saturated with new retro style fps again. This is one of the good ones.
  4. Gun


    Flamethrower sucks. Just spam grenades'
  5. Gun


    That is how I found out about the game and how to play it properly.
  6. You might wanna check "Underrail Expedition" and "ARCANUM: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura" The have far more details and mechanics. Also great dialogues. And maybe "NEO Scavenger"
  7. Hard pass. Just play Dark souls 1 again
  8. This one didn't grab me. This is more like Dark souls 2 of dark souls but not as good.
  9. Would not recommend. Game is average at best.
  10. This game weird feelings. Music starts good but than it slowly shifts in to the horror creepy zone like something is about to coma at you.... And visual follow that tone.
  11. Gun


    It's good. But be wary of combat. Do not fall for the trap and play it as intended. Instead, bring someone with you so they get all the agro, than spam grenades and range attack. And get the flamethrower as soon as you can.
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