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    If you want a story with your walking simulator than you may skip this one
  2. It's a metroid game with a nerd instead of a chick.
  3. A very poor version of old Resident Evil. With somehow even worse mechanics.
  4. Way too difficult. Not everything dies in one shot and you can miss a lot... Takes few hits from any enemy to kill you so it's a constant backtracking to town for a heal. And it doesn't show where you are on the map, thankfully it's small. However the atmosphere is amazing. Some moments when the moon shines behind the clouds through the thick and thin branches of the dead trees, and it hard to see so you are constantly on the lookout, making sure nothing creeps on you. And most of the time nothing will, making it that much more unnerving. Worth a try at least.
  5. Gun

    The Surge

    Tedious version of Dark Souls
  6. Gun


    It wants to be Gothic with vampires and it does some things right. At least worth a try.
  7. Gun

    The Park

    It's not long and it has one or two COOL dialogue
  8. Turning everyone in to zombies with puzzles, mixed with adequate graphics.
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