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It's a city builder in space. Basically, you juggle a bunch of different resources to keep your colonists alive and build a prosperous base. From looking at The Game List there seem to be a few games like this but I haven't played them so I can't give a comparison.

It has a few different planets with different atmospheres, affecting your rate of electricity production and what disasters can occur and it has a some challenge scenarios for variety too.

My main complaints would be that the lack of direct control over the behaviour of people and robots can be extremely frustrating at times as they're not super bright and that once you have stabilised, it becomes quite easy to keep everything going.

Overall, I agree with Ross's rating. I had fun with it.

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It's good for about 2-3 hours... Then it's the same thing over and over again.

bi ti ʤi ˈbulzaɪ

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