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  1. xrandr '--scale-from' and '--transform' (transformation matrix) flags allow to scale screen buffer basically from any size to any size. Probably '--scale 0.75x0.75' will work too. I don't know how difficult it would be to set up on Ubuntu or such system. On Archlinux it should be pretty straightforward because you need to configure xrandr by yourself anyway ))) Sadly I don't have Arch at the moment and can't check this out. But I do know that when misconfigured the screen may become kinda blurry. So mb it could count as antialiasing...
  2. I loved the first in series but sadly it's almost not runnable on modern computers. For me the fascinating part was that the Universe here really lives. The armies really battle over sectors, pirates do pirate stuff, inflation is present etc. You hardly find it in games because usually the world is static, playing the hedgehog day over and over again, but here it may change regardless of player's interference, so you can loose (or win - depends on a difficulty level) by just doing nothing. Also the Russian version had kinda funny dialogues and text quests, I believe they f***ed them up in the English version though.
  3. It's one of my favourite. You know, the game is very simple made, but omg this sound! Also the programmers did a great job using non-standard approach to music. Usually they create a "battle theme", "wander theme" etc. and trigger them by some conditions. And this is different. You almost never hear the whole theme, but rather various mixing of its tracks. The game just shifts a mix ratio according to the progress which adds to atmosphere a lot. I've unpacked the game files and the soundtrack is indeed is stored as multitrack i.e. each instrument in a single file. But here you can hear it as a whole: [youtube] Full soundtrack: https://bandcamp.antonriehl.com/album/receiver-music-from-the-game
  4. To be fair, these sections with driving aren't easy to work with I guess.
  5. Yes, literally it's "the orderlies of dungeons", which is based on "wolf - the orderly of the forest" idiom. I don't know have it ever been translated to English. Actually the game don't have much in common with the book plot. And probably (as in most Russian games of that period) the English translation and voicing is very bad. So I wouldn't recommend it unless you know Russian
  6. Judging by the screenshot only, this game is destined for Ross to play!
  7. I just can't stand main hero stupid face, it ruins all the atmosphere for me ))) Apart from that the game has some moments but do not expect too much especially in terms of gameplay.
  8. If I remember correctly it is free for iOS. For me the game was too shallow but at that time you could hardly find anything better (both in terms of graphics and gameplay) for an iPad.
  9. Very simple yet beautiful looking game which has nice unique settings. There are some minor drawbacks with the game characters. The main hero is played really well, but the woman scientist (sorry, forgot her name) sometimes acts too cartoonish. That's not how human being sent to a space mission would act. "Ok, you're going to die soon . Btw, wow, that a great slug on a wall, could you get me a sample!" ... ??? - Yeah, sure, but I'm a little busy now trying not to die here, milady. The AI behaviour is kinda childish too, but at least it's AI, you can't blame it for anything, that's how it was programmed! Nevertheless, it's good. I hope there would be more plot-heavy games like this about "normal" scientists doing cool stuff and exploring alien worlds and not just some brutes with guns kicking asses.
  10. Quit interesting and atmospheric piece. I liked the concept and, being an episode, it actually tells a complete story. The combat part is meh though. The puzzles are fine (compared to usual quest level of insanity)
  11. I like the other developer’s game, “Void and Meddler”, which has a fantastic soundtrack and quite realistic cyberpunk setting. But this one feels too plain and repetitive. It’s like FTL but without the combat part.
  12. Maybe it’s not so deep as dwarf fortress, but still it’s a good game.
  13. OMG. Bought it when it came out and still regret it. It was positioned as the great sci-fi sim with deep plot based on a popular book, but actually the game was filled with bugs, intrusive product placement (!), boring missions ("the simulation" part) and cardboard badly crafted characters.
  14. The Eshanas is right. It's like a downscaled Syndicate. If you OK with that, you may like this game.
  15. Nice, but not deep enough city builder
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