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  1. Quit interesting and atmospheric piece. I liked the concept and, being an episode, it actually tells a complete story. The combat part is meh though. The puzzles are fine (compared to usual quest level of insanity)
  2. I like the other developer’s game, “Void and Meddler”, which has a fantastic soundtrack and quite realistic cyberpunk setting. But this one feels too plain and repetitive. It’s like FTL but without the combat part.
  3. Maybe it’s not so deep as dwarf fortress, but still it’s a good game.
  4. OMG. Bought it when it came out and still regret it. It was positioned as the great sci-fi sim with deep plot based on a popular book, but actually the game was filled with bugs, intrusive product placement (!), boring missions ("the simulation" part) and cardboard badly crafted characters.
  5. The Eshanas is right. It's like a downscaled Syndicate. If you OK with that, you may like this game.
  6. Nice, but not deep enough city builder
  7. I like the style, I mean, it looks as authentic and dark as cyberpunk could be (compare it to a glamorous Human Revolution for example), but I think the plot and characters could be deeper, and the gameplay could be... well, could be present.
  8. THIS IS THE GREAT GAME, ROSS! Simple and very attractive.
  9. I love most of their games (the best, I believe, is "Shivah")
  10. It's like LOST but the game.
  11. What a great potential but totally flawed in terms of balance and AI. I can appreciate that it really has its own mechanics not being another 19352030th MOO clone. Still you can enjoy this game a lot, if you are not too picky on balance/deep management stuff. I would recommend to try it.
  12. Well, I enjoyed this game. It's kinda part detective part social drama placed in an original setting (on a futuristic plane). Yes, it's not finished, but I think it has some originality and art value in it.
  13. A famous Russian game from Nival. The real name would be "Allods: The Ruler of Souls" and it has a good successor "Evil Islands" (which actually would be "Cursed Lands"). It's not a strategy, but more like an oldschool real time RPG with a plot and party management (3 or 4 party members max, don't remember). The gameplay is fast and challenging. I kinda liked it.
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