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People on GOG are comparing this to Fable and Gothic with Prince of Persia style combat. Sounds pretty interesting, I’ve recently been missing the Fable games, haven’t played them in a long time.

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Neat little game but I wouldn't put it on the top of the list of RPGs to play. Its a light little RPG. Combat is easily broken, you will become overpowered very quickly. Only died to a boss which I didnt understand the pattern of adn tried to beat up directly. Story isnt that special and most quests are rather simple. There is some backtracking if you want the full experience. There are movement speed potions, but you can only buy a few of them lategame, unless you join a guild. There are 3 guilds and you may only join one of them. Overal though its a neat relaxing RPG. If you like doing some simple questing in a pretty world (artwise) its a decent game. Had a lot of issues with the ending though.

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This game has some serious graphical problems and I'm not talking about it looking old. There has overused amount of bloom on everything. When the heroine wears white dress it's literally glowing with bloom. There are nonsensical godrays and while you and few other npcs look normal, rest of the npcs have weird cartoony heads


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