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I got this early on but it was a real drain. It's all the fun of balancing the different meters from a sims game, while trying to explore or progress the story. You can only do one, and it gets really old fast having to take a break to go raid supplies when you would rather discover more about this world you are in. Have not played the newer version but the glitches and bugs were unacceptable for a game at its price. I regretted this game 2 days after I bought it.

Some may like this multitasking challenge of, sneaking, scavenging supplies, weapons and figuring out where and what to do for quests but I would honestly rather go to work instead of playing this again.

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The game is very okay. It's very, very rough around the edges, and the team that developed this definitely took on way more than they can handle. It has a lot of questionable design choices (why is the game procedurally generated when all of the interesting areas are basically the same in all playthroughs?), but the core game, especially when you get into the towns, is pretty fun. It's pretty fun to get in trouble in a town, frantically run into alleyways and side paths looking for some place to hide, only to find yourself locked in a bathroom with the cops busting down the door next to the body of the homeowner you had to beat to death with a cricket bat so that you could get up the stairs.


The story is kind of interesting , but the serious elements are sometimes in direct conflict with some of the wackier tones the game goes for. For example, a lot of the characters are way too stupid to be believable... even if they are crazy or under the influence of crazy drugs.


I'd recommend it deeply discounted, though you should only play it in a way that seems fun to you. For example, trying to beat the game without killing anyone at all can be a nightmare, especially with some of the bugs that pop up.

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