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I don't know, I personally wasn't a fan of the polygon style from the screenshots, so I just skipped this one.

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This is a mixture of RTS, courtroom battles and a bunch of other stuff, set during the French Revolution. You play as a judge who decides who lives and who dies. If you go against what different groups want (the public, the aristocracy and your family) think, you will become less popular. Apparently the courtroom battles are short and could be better. I like how they’ve mixed several different play styles.  

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Posted (edited)

It's rather simple really.
If you're fine with a game that doesn't take the setting "French Revolution" seriously and tries to toss in random ideas that don't even feel like they belong to the same development team. Then you're gonna love it, maybe.

If you're not tho...well...you'll be left wondering, a different version of Ross's thoughts "why aren't there more games set on the French Revolution?" instead as "Why didn't they just made 3 or 4 different games set on the French Revolution if they loved it so much? Why did they shoved it all in one?"

There are games that try to add DLCs later on in order to release unfinished games. This is the part of the text where I make an analogy relating such events to what happens in this game, but I honestly don't know if it's fair or even that simple.

Whenever it was the case of someone using too many hallucinogenics or too little, or if a hacker edited the script and it ended up being better so they just rolled with it, or the producers just had enough of France and it's...attitude, proceeding to throw a big tantrum...may just remain a mystery.

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I’m really torn on whether or not I want to play this. On one hand: I’m not a fan of the graphics style and I’ve heard mixed reviews. On the other: I’m a huge history fan and particularly of the French Revolution and times of revolution in general. I agree with Ross that there aren’t enough French Revolution games, but I also would be disappointed if this simplified it to the point of the setting being nothing more than aesthetic. If anyone has played this and has thoughts I would love to hear them.

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