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  1. Same problem on Chrome, Windows. The picture is not loading. About the game, I got as a gift for my bday. It's amazing. The dev it's super friendly and updates/fixes the game almost every day. It can be difficult as in ammo scarcity/always looking for more items, but once you get the hang of it and began making some quests, it's fair. Very good, recommended.
  2. It was going to be another one of those star games from NewBlood (DUSK, Amid Evil, etc.), but seems NewBlood's decided to separate from the leader of the project and stopped being updated (or super slow). It's not a bad game by any means, but if only I had knew...
  3. I need to play this game more. I was told by a friend it was a "2D Deus Ex", that was an exaggeration, but I see what he meant. Sadly it has feel too difficult for me so far, but I really wanna get into it again; playing solo it's supposed to be very fun too.
  4. Now that I think about it, you're exactly right... it's a shame such pixelart han't been used on a game with better mechanics
  5. I think I like this game, but it's very weird. Rating is totally Hazy for me.
  6. I never could get far, but I don't regret purchasing this game on sale, it's a very unique FPS.
  7. I like it, but it gets boring fast. I wonder if this game gets better with all the DLCs it has. I agree with @Crimson Harvest. Honestly, haven't played enough.
  8. Excellent game. WIth all the updates it's huge, easily with 50 hours of gameplay at least. A must game if you like ARPG.
  9. I really like the pixelart of this game, and as @biosynth8said, the plot is really interesting at the start, as well as the tiled combat (in real time), and the option to send your crew to investigate planets... but that's all, after an hour or two, there's not much to the game sadly. I think it could have been a successor to FTL if it would have been well thought; I'm not saying it's bad, but after some hours it gets really boring. Rating would be "Hazy".
  10. This game is excellent, with lots of free updates and cheap DLCs. It is a roguelike with so many items, secrets, randomization, and *good gameplay*, that it doesn't bore you; for me, it's up there below games like Hollow Knight. I can't recommend this game enough.
  11. I bought this game before finding it here, it is fun, and I would say it worth the price. Yeah it's difficult, but aside some RNG factors when driving, it's fair, and the pixelart it's pretty nice in my opinion. Plus, the references and the humor it's not over the top.
  12. Fallout 3. Here. Give this game a chance- don't regret later buying the latest "Fallout" from Bethesda. Also, Styx is a bro.
  13. This game was great, even if you're not into politics.
  14. Hope that Green Card will worth it Ross! (just joking)
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