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  1. As per the September videochat, Ross and Magda are getting married in October! Congratulations Ross! I figured that there ought to be a thread to congratulate the couple, so post your good wishes for the couple here!
  2. Oh boy, I have a bunch of questions. As an expert in cyberpunk fashion, what do you think of Adam Jensen's sunglasses being augmented directly into his face? You mentioned before that you're a fan of some Akira Kurosawa films. What's your favorite film of his and why? In the very first videochat, you mentioned that you didn't like Eraserhead (the David Lynch movie,) but you never explained why. Speaking as a fan of Lynch, I think it's his best work, so why don't you like it? Why do you think the American democratic system has only two major parties, while the vast majority of other democratic systems have several, often with overlapping ideologies? If you were named supreme dictator of the US, what would be the first change you would enact? You mentioned before that you were considering a Ross Rants on Microsoft and gaming. Have you decided to do or not do it?
  3. Ross, since you did the Deus Ex Fashion show, what do you think of Adam Jensen's sunglasses augmented directly into his face?
  4. What do you think of companies who make tiny changes to a game to ensure that people playing on certain consoles or operating systems can't play them? As an example, this most famously occurred with Microsoft's PC port of Halo 2, where Microsoft outright lied to its customers by saying that the PC port of Halo 2 was impossible to run on Windows XP, when the game ran better on XP than it did on Vista, with the only thing stopping people from playing it on Vista being one variable in the installer that could be hex edited to make the game playable on XP. I ask this because Microsoft did this again with Quantum Break, initially saying that it needed DirectX 12 to work, but they're soon releasing a DX11 compatible version on Steam. Thank you for your time.
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