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I almost felt a twinge of sadness when Ross had to explain that games used to come with some sort of multiplayer component for you to host yourself. That used to be a given and something always expected and that was just part of gaming (for games that it made sense for obviously). Almost kind of sad actually facing the reality that that's starting to become lost from common knowledge of gamers.

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Yayyy! Now where the hell is that patreon butten? =D It has been too long, my american-polish "friend" =D

I am a ninja! WA-ka-Paaa!

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I mean that's just a dick move, but those games are DRM free, and they are part of a pretty popular series.


I think it's pretty safe to say, that they have been archived already, these games are not really at any risk. It's the always online games which are at risk, the ones which literally turn into mush, when the multiplayer servers go down. It's more about the games which become literally unplayable, when they had no real reason to, games removed from a storefront, doesn't really have as much of an impact in my mind.


It sucks, but that's not the problem right now. If we could at least stop games from being killed off, that would be nice.

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