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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/633660/Onimod_Land/ A Russian Age of Empires clone from the mid-2000s with crude but unique graphics and the IMO interesting premise of "fantasy human faction vs. sci-fi human faction". May not be super interesting but since Ross is apparently a fan of really obscure games, I assume that so are his fans. And to be honest, this gem has a special place in my heart, because finding it when I was 12, it really had inspired me - and caused a lot of headache, and headcanons, because back then it was super hard to find a full version of it, let alone one with proper translation.
  2. Bad Toys 3D is definitely worthy for a look in the Game Dungeon. It has a very strong 90s vibe, not unlike Arcade America had
  3. +1 for the RSS. That thing shouldn't die out just because social media is the next big thing.
  4. Bad Day L.A. - I loved the humor and some places had real atmosphere. Especially with that whole cartoon-ish graphics style. And it wasn't even that hard!
  5. A quite surreal horror-platformer (made in Stencyl IIRC) that I just can't get enough of. For me, it hits a perfect spot as a middle ground between "not saying much" and "saying enough". Youtube walkthrough. Newgrounds. itch.io buy with OST and other bonuses.
  6. Definitely not GaaS, it even has its own Github repository.
  7. Definitely not GaaS, as free and "static" as it gets. The first part is also great BTW.
  8. Pro: * phenomenal atmosphere, very close to DX1 * a unique experience, yet feels like an extensions of the original game Neutral: * adds worldbuilding to the DX world (you may like it or hate it) Contra: * not always intuitive, combined with some hard-no-navigate hubs (some people may not like it) * poor voice-over quality (not my opinion, I've heard others complaining)
  9. Without exaggeration, I've never experienced anything like this. If you like clever puzzles, fairy tales, and gorgeous sceneries, it's a must.
  10. Has a sort-of prequel Doom 2 mod.
  11. Not GaaS. Also, Errant Signal has made a (spoiler-free) review of the game if anyone's interested.
  12. Not GaaS: you can buy it on itch.io. Trivia: * the developer is Hungarian, not many games come from there * system requirements are no joke, it was super glitchy on insufficient video cards and RAM.
  13. Not GaaS, you can buy it on their own page. The game itself is heavily influenced by Dwarf Fortress, so warning: it's an insane time-killer. Really loved, however, and has thousands of mods.
  14. Definitely not GaaS: it's available for free on the creator's itch.io page. He also has a Youtube channel, where he creates reimagined "retro" versions of popular modern games.
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