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Videochat July 2022

Here’s the July videochat. I don’t think I said much or anything important, though it wasn’t the worst one either. I let the door to my room open a bit this time, but still felt like I didn’t have enough air by the end of it, but I didn’t black out, so I’ll call it a success.

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I posted on your May 1 update, as you were concerned about the pacing of your video chats versus actually finished videos.  I think another way you could schedule chats is one week after you release a new video.  So if you post a Game Dungeon and a Freeman's Mind in one week, then we can chat with you the following weekend, as sort of a follow-up.  Sticking to a rigid monthly schedule I think puts too much pressure on you, and talking for 3+ hours is a very long time.  I'd say more frequent streams, or at least ones more relevant to recently posted videos, should be a stress-reliever for you, rather than sitting on a video for 5, 6 weeks, and forcing yourself to interact with eagerly awaiting fans for any mount of time, let alone 3-4 hours on a Sunday evening.

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Hi Ross! Been some time since I was active :D


I just wanted to see if you ever read the comments here, would you let me know if you ever heard or played a game called "Blades Of Avernum"?


I remember a demo of that game being on one of the CDproject CDs that were added with the magazine and wanted to see if you ever came across it?



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