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  1. Ah good ol' Professor Elemental:
  2. Howdy, I will hand verify your account. When did you make it? There was a period I was just auto-approving accounts due to an email outage. I looked at your account, and your account was one we auto-approved. You're good to go.
  3. I can't get enough of this game.
  4. I have to disagree on this one, I thought it was shallow as hell. I was hoping for another Subnautica, not necessarily a build/survival game, but something with that depth of exploration and I was deeply disappointed.
  5. Might be a permissions error I will look into it. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Yeah this is pretty accurate. I owned a Fiat 500e and it had a realistic range of 70-80 miles and it suited everything I needed for quite some time. The only reason I went back to an ICE vehicle is because I suddenly need to travel cross country one-way and the drop-fee for a rental and transport cost of my car is insane. Most people don't travel more than 40 miles in any day, and you can charge overnight on a standard 120v. Electric cars have around 70%-80% real efficiency of power usage and power plants are close to that while ICE vehicles are 50% tops. Many people make the argument that power plants are just moving the pollution somewhere else, but localized controlled pollution with heavy oversight is better than that pollution spread all-over. Not to mention there's a significant portion of the power-grid moving to renewable sources and nuclear power. From a personal standpoint, it was awesome owning an electric car. No emissions test, no oil, oil seals, transmission, transmission fluid, muffler system, ect, ect. Also since it's tech the value of those cars drops significantly in the first couple years. I picked up my Fiat 500e for $8000 with 10k miles on it, when just a few years ago it sold new for $36,000.
  7. Thanks for the link! Hey nice, the UI is working for me if that's any help. I use ublock origin and I don't deal with malicious ads anymore.
  8. This is correct. I can't do this due to the complications of contacting the authors to make sure having that link is ok. Some authors may take offense to me making their content downloadable, even through a third party. Not to mention that those services are always being disabled by Google and it would be a pain to keep up with it. However, I do like this software since it can download multiple videos/playlist at once, and it comes with a handy interface, so no more command line. https://github.com/MrS0m30n3/youtube-dl-gui
  9. I've rebuilt GG from the ground up and I'm slowly re-adding everything. So that's at-least a WIP catalog. https://gorillagong.com/
  10. That's a question for @Ross Scott, but there are multiple problems with oauth stuff, including extra upkeep. Each time we update the site we also have to fix incompatibilities with the theme, custom plugins, ect. So each part of the site adds exponentially to the work required to perform an update. This means when Steam updates their oauth system, we're forced to do a full system update or people can't login. Oauth also adds the risk, because you're allowing a third party app to perform authentication on the site, and if Steam messes up, the site could be even more of a target than it already is.
  11. I just wanted to update everyone, SendGrid changed their tiers to a substandard amount of emails per month and no longer was adequate for Accursed Farms. If you didn't get a registration email, password reset, notification, ect, it's because we were transitioning to another provider. Things appear to be working fine now.
  12. Hi, I'm the co-creator and programmer for Gorilla Gong. GG died years ago, we had trouble finding reviewers with enough time and talent to find, then sort through the vast pool of videos. The site hinged on vetted reviewers, and I think that's where I went wrong. I'm considering either re-purposing the site, or trying again with a Reddit style format. The old database has been preserved, so that list has been saved.
  13. The notification options are rhobust. Yeah I get some of these changes, but there does come a point where things get a hair too nitpicky. Notifications off by default seem like the better option to avoid our emails getting flagged as spam.
  14. Hi there, RunCloud is a pretty great service, and I love DO, I'm glad someone else does as well. The MySQL port is actually open for security reasons believe it or not. PHPMYADMIN is horribly outdated, and we have our own solution to connect which requires MySql to be open. I'm not super worried about the SSH as we use other methods of authentication along with a strict jailing system. The firewall is also not default. I may change the SSH port though it depends if RunCloud needs it. Thanks for the tips!
  15. You can follow whatever content you would like including your own.
  16. I suggest setting the timer to SOME number, as there are instances of people coming back much later and editing out all of their comments due to spite. Sometimes thousands of them. It's recommended to set this number to something.
  17. It depends on the number of people working on it. Runuo, Lonewolf, Sphere, and Polserver are excellent examples of faithful mechanical recreation of a game without leaked server code. There are even some Ultima Online servers that 1:1 copy the OSI experience. The client was even encrypted and they still pulled it off.
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