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  1. I prefer 60fps over 30fps, but for Freeman's Mind I don't think it matters much. I do strongly suggest using 60fps for everything else though.
  2. Is blip.tv still the best way to support you financially? I would love it if you could put the blip.tv episode link in the description of the youtube versions, but I'm not sure if that's allowed or not.
  3. What will this mean for videos that aren't FM? Will you still make money off of Civil Protection and side projects?
  4. I see you managed to get around the graphical bugs with the id Tech 1 engine? You complained a lot about them with episode 6. Really wish they'd patch it, but it seems they just don't care.
  5. Have you used unreal engine enough to get an understanding of how much easier/quicker making videos will be? Will it essentially be the same "look" as your source videos, or is there a noticeable difference in graphics?
  6. May I suggest an in-character Civil Protection podcast? It's something that would be easy to produce and make the wait for videos a lot easier. They could talk about current events/pop culture as if they existed in their universe. "E3 has never been the same since the combine showed up. Now all the booth babes wear full suits of armor, and you can never tell if there's a chick in there or if it's just a guy with a voice modulator." "Well there's always one way you can tell." "I'm talking about ways that, you know... WON'T get me shot. Besides, it's not even about games anymore. It's all 'look at the 100 new and improved ways we can keep you from resisting!'" "I quite liked the deathbot4000." "Get real, that'll never make it out of prototype."
  7. I suggest trying out Cryengine. The way you create maps and cutscenes is just so intuitive, and everything can be added or tweaked on the fly without having to re-render anything.
  8. Might as well waited for Windows 8.
  9. In developer commentary for one of the Episodes, Valve talks about how they trusted the player to willy-nilly leap down bottomless pits in order to progress in Half Life, but with higher graphical fidelity in the sequel came the necessity to make more clear and readable paths to progress through the game. Through level design theory osmosis, this readability became a highly common (ideal) trope for games, which you are now trying to apply to a game which only had such a theory in its infancy. Ah games of old days, don't ever change. Well HL1 was before my time, so I've never actually played it, but jumping on top of crates over a bottomless pit is just a tad ridiculous. Most of the level design fits freeman's mind fine, but there are those moments that feels like it forces him to break character.
  10. Kind of makes you realize how poorly designed some of the levels were in Half Life 1. How is a tube just above a mixing pot of toxic goo an option to continue forward? I would never think "aha! there's the exit!" in real life.
  11. So where are we exactly in the game? Roughly half way? I've never played HL1, so...
  12. Why are there crates in the trash compactor? Did they fail the tests in the box smashing room?
  13. If I donate (and I likely will if it's an easy process), then I'd rather not get anything exclusive. At the MOST I'd be okay with some sort of indication that I've donated, but I'd be okay with nothing at all.
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